Why Music Lovers Still Use Vinyl Record Players

It starts off with a soft, smooth melody and a subtle hiss, like steam slowly escaping a kettle. Gradually rising above the music is a familiar sound – a crackling one that ebbs and flows as the vinyl spins on a record player (like those featured here).

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Cleanly edited music tracks in this day and age have eliminated background noise and skipping records, so why is it that old vinyl records still hold many ears hostage? Although the sound might seem out of place in the new millennium, it’s a warm dose of nostalgia for many music lovers. Memories of setting the needle on the large black disc, smiling as it snapped and crackled to life, are far more precious to those who remember vinyl records than the simplified mp3 generation.

Slowing Down

Everything is “Go, go, go!” nowadays. Many music fans feel like they don’t have the time for the older technology they loved so much. Mp3 players and digital downloads are fast and convenient, but they take the magic out of listening to music like your favorite record player used to have. Vinyl record players allow you to slow down and enjoy the process of putting on your favorite tunes, giving you a more conscious, meaningful experience.

Time Traveling

Putting on your favorite vinyl record can also turn back the clock to a day and age when listening to music meant you were really listening. Records weren’t just a background noise – they were the only means of reliving all of the concerts and band music tours you got to see only once. Decades ago, friends would sit around the record player and spend time together listening to albums that brought them back to the bandstand all over again.

Standing On Ceremony

We’ve all heard of the phrase “being stuck in the past”, but is it really such a bad thing? The best record player to some music connoisseurs will always be a vinyl record player. It’s not just old habit – it’s ceremony. You raise the needle on the machine, place your favorite record on the spindle, put the needle back down, and listen to the spit and crackle in the few seconds before it starts. For you, it’s not about having crystal clear quality of sound or seeing the album cover displayed on a tiny screen. It’s pure memory.

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