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Go To Exam Or Go To Die

My child is completely fixated on the film A Night at the Museum.

Have you seen it?

No? I’ve seen it too many time to check now, however at my last review, something made my neurotransmitters fire.

In the film, everything in the common history historical center poker deposit 10rb springs up during the evening, the smaller than normal roman troopers included.

As Octavian, the roman general, drives his military to separate the mass of the presentation case, he pronounces,

“We extend or we die!!!”

That is a major articulation.

When he shouts out “We extend or we bite the dust,” Octavian is communicating the antiquated roman way of thinking of extension and state what you will about old Roman strategy, yet Octavian is really pronouncing THE LAW of the universe.

Extension or Contraction

Extension and Contraction are the developments of our throbbing universe. Our universe is in steady throb. Nothing, and I amount to NOTHING is still. NOTHING!!! Not by any means a divider, not in any case a stone.

Stillness doesn’t exist, ever, anyplace!

Throughout everyday life, there are just two decisions:

Extension OR Contraction

That is it! No other decision.

It is safe to say that you are befuddled by any stretch of the imagination? What on earth am I discussing?

Here are a few instances of this Expansion and Contraction business:

*The making of the universe: The Big Band- – Explosion- – Expansion (the compression will come in the end… perhaps)

*Pulsating stars: Expansion/Contraction

*The Seasons: Summer=Expansion/Winter=Contraction

*The Cycle of Life: Birth=Expansion/Death=Contraction

Indeed, even in regular day to day existence, we find likewise Expansion and Contraction.

*Waking up=Expansion/Going to bed=Contraction

*Going out=Expansion/Staying at home=Contraction

*Socializing with friends=Expansion/Being alone=Contraction

What’s more, to take it significantly further, there can be cycles of Expansion and Contraction inside cycles of Expansion and Contraction.

You can likewise have and far reaching knowledge inside compression – like a stunning extensive encounter inside a snapshot of isolation.

I’m certain you can think about a huge amount of different models.

Development and Contraction is all over the place and in all things. We can’t make tracks in an opposite direction from it.


What does this all mean for our own, singular, individual life?

(*Big breathe in… *)

… That we are never still either.

We are either in a province of Expansion or in a territory of Contraction.

There are just two decisions: Expansion or Contraction

In case we’re in a province of Expansion, we…

*work interminably to understand our fantasies.

*realize those fantasies and keep on making more dreams.

*continue to learn and instruct ourselves.

*continue to improve our aptitudes.

*grow and grow our friend network.

*try things we’ve never done.

*make increasingly more cash.

The mistake that a considerable lot of us make is that we frequently believe that we can remain the equivalent, that we arrive at a specific degree of instruction, of expertise, we accomplish certain objectives, and so forth what’s more, that is it! We imagine that in case we’re not in a condition of development, we can proceed in life precisely as we are until we kick the bucket.

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