Brian Eno to deliver John Peel Lecture

Next month in London, musician and visual artist Brian Eno will be sharing his views on culture for 2015’s John Peel Lecture.

The John Peel Lecture is a continuing series of speeches by the music industry’s notable personalities. It is organized and facilitated by BBC 6 Music and is recorded on video and broadcasted on air. Its purpose is to provide a platform for expressing insights about the state of broadcasting into the future.

The lecture series was inaugurated in 2011 in honour of John Robert Parker Ravenscroft (who was professionally known as John Peel). Among the original DJs of BBC Radio 1, he served the longest and was regularly on air from 1967 to 2004 (the year he died). He was popular for his warm broadcasting style and eclectic music taste.

Photo by Albert Bridge (
Photo by Albert Bridge

Brian Eno (or just Eno to many), on the other hand, is an English musician, record producer and visual artist. Eno first became known as a member of the glam or art rock band Roxy Music before going solo. He then produced artists such as Coldplay and U2, among others. He is generally regarded as ambient music’s primary innovator.

Ambient music is a genre that emphasizes atmosphere and tone instead of rhythm and conventional musical structure. It originated in the UK, during the time when synthesizers and other new sound-making instruments were introduced to the mass market. Brian Eno describes ambient music as something that is “as ignorable as it is interesting.”

According to BBC, Eno will “examine the ecology of culture” and explain how cultural processes generally benefit society. Eno would be following the footsteps of the likes of Iggy Pop who delivered last year’s talk. The John Peel Lecture will be held on September 27 at the British Library for the Radio Festival by the Radio Academy.

Brian Eno’s talk will also be broadcasted on the BBC Four and the BBC 6 Music, so stay tuned.

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